adult ministries

Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries are designed to meet the demanding and varied needs of today's woman by focusing on acts of service that promote spiritual growth. Whatever your calling, be it homemaker, career woman or anything in between, our desire is to help you discover fulfillment that only life in Christ can make possible. Come explore with us our boundless opportunities as we serve the Lord and our community with the skills, gifts, and insights that are uniquely ours.

Men's Ministries

Men's Ministries, led by Pastor Dick Garber, are built on a foundation on prayer. We meet weekly to support and pray for one another, our families, and our church. After a typical meeting, we often visit a local restaurant to share a meal and fellowship with one another. Men's Ministries also give to mission projects and make an occasional mission trip to bless a church or work on special projects. View calendar for meeting times.


If you enjoy Bible study, being with others, and munching on goodies, this is where you want to be. Active Christians Together Serving is a Bible study taught by Elmer Moldenhauer weekly in the Smith-Hamilton center. Everyone is invited to attend. Contact Elmer Modenhauer at (309) 673-0138 for more information. View calendar for meeting times.


Mothers Of Preschoolers, led by Darlena Dokey, meets twice monthly in the Smith-Hamilton Center. This group provides opportunities for mothers of young children to meet with each other for Bible study, friendship, and activities. Call the church office at (309) 694-4433 for more information. View calendar for meeting times.